Why am I not able to log in?


Most of the time, the reason you are not able to log in to the Global University Library proxy server falls into one of the following categories:

• You are not including all 7 digits of your student ID number--including the leading zeroes at the beginning of the number.
Example: 0098765 or 0103456

• You are including the 3-letter office code at the end of your student ID number.
Example: 0012345–USA - Do not include “–USA” when logging in.

• You are not using your correct GU-issued password. Your password is the first two letters of your first (given) name, the first two letters of your last (family name), and the last four digits of your GU student ID number.
Example: John Smith 0012345 would be....josm2345

• You are not currently enrolled in a course for Global University transcript credit.
The way access to licensed resources is currently programmed, students only have access to these licensed resources while they have at least one course In Progress. This means that the student’s Subject Enrollment Card (SEC) has been received here at the International Office and the enrollment has been entered into our system. Access to the Library site is not based on the student’s overall status as Active or Inactive. It is based on whether or not they have at least one (1) course In Progress.

• Once you enroll (or re-enroll) in a course you must allow up to 24 hours for our servers to refresh your data before you attempt to login.

By logging in you will be able to access additional licensed resources such as scholarly journal databases, Encyclopedia Britannica, and CREDO Reference. However, you only need to use the login feature to access these licensed resources. The licensed resources are made available only to Global University undergraduate and graduate students. (Berean School of the Bible students are not included). All of the other resources on the library site are freely available to anyone without having to log in.

There may be other reasons you not able to log in to the Library Web site, however, these are the most common reasons.


Your user ID is your 5-digit faculty ID number and your password is your birthdate in the DDMMYY format.

Faculty numbers are assigned by the Academic Affairs department. Please contact the Faculty Coordinator if you do not know your ID number. 

Study Group Coordinators:

Your user ID is your group account number, e.g., 123456789 , and your password is your 2 letter state abbreviation followed by the last 4 digits of your account number, e.g., MO6789.

GU National Office Staff:

Your user ID is your 3-letter office code and your password is your 2-letter, 2-digit finance code.