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Undergraduate Capstone Page: Welcome

Page that provides links to complete the undergraduate capstone requirement


Welcome to the Undergraduate Capstone Page!

This page is dedicated to helping you submit all of the documents required for your program. 

Global University developed the Capstone requirement to help the university measure what students have learned during their program. The Capstone assignments give us the opportunity to compare student work done at the beginning of their program with work they do when they finish their program. We state in our catalog that when students graduate from GU, they will have a comprehensive knowledge of Old and New Testaments and Pentecostal theology. We also state that our students will demonstrate effective written and oral communication skills. Our accreditors want us to assess these things in order to demonstrate that we are accomplishing these goals, and giving our students a quality education. 

By instituting the Capstone requirements we are now able to assess how well GU programs increase the knowledge and skill levels of our students. It is our intention to continually improve our programs, and this is one way in which we can assess how well we are doing and in what areas we need to improve.  

Refer to the chart below to know what components you need to submit based on your program of study:



Capstone Requirement


Capstone not required

Diplomas, AAs 

Graduate Follow Up Survey

All BA programs (four-year, three-year, second BA)

Written Component
Verbal Component
Graduate Follow-Up Survey 


Each tab or page will describe and assist in the completion of four components of the Capstone. Your program may or may not require all four components (see chart above). 

Before completing the capstone, let us know you are interested in graduation by completing the form on the next page under "Degree Audit." Fill out the form then begin completing your capstone.