HIS2212/3 World Church History: From the Early Church to 1500


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This course is an introductory study of the history of Christianity from its birth to the destruction of Constantinople and the beginnings of the Reformation. The course provides an introduction to history as a discipline and emphasizes the importance of history in relation to the Christian faith. It deals with the apostolic church; the early church fathers, the spread of Christianity into Asia; the ecumenical councils; the emergence of medieval theology and church practice in the Latin Rite, Greek Rite, and Syriac Rite churches; the interaction of Christianity with the rise of Islam; as well as the beginning of the Renaissance in Europe and the demise of the Byzantine Empire. The course content includes a consideration of the contribution of major Christian theologians, the relationship of the church and state in various types, and the rise of monasticism and missions, tracing the geographical expansion of Christianity from Europe and North Africa to across Asia. The lessons are structured so as to enable you to apply insights learned from the past to contemporary situations.

Global University does not necessarily agree with all the views represented in the resources in this guide. These are provided for the student to contrast and compare with the Biblical text and ideas presented in the Global University IST.


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