MIS4012/3 Christian Ministry in a Muslim Context


Welcome to this research guide for Christian Ministry in a Muslim Context. This guide will help you find resources that you can use for your course project and CRA paper.

Christian Ministry in a Muslim Context was developed to train Christians to understand how to relate to the Muslim culture. The author writes from experience as a missionary for several years in South Asia and the Philippines. Students are introduced to the significantly different Islamic cultures, worldviews, and practices and the adjustments a Christian needs to make to appreciate, communicate, and relate to Muslim people. Objectives for the course include how to contextualize an individual's lifestyle to facilitate relevant ministry and how to prepare a contextualized message for sharing the gospel with Muslim people. The course helps the student understand the spiritual conditions of the Muslim culture and what is helpful for effective ministry.

Global University does not necessarily agree with all the views represented in the resources in this guide. These are provided for the student to contrast and compare with the Biblical text and ideas presented in the Global University IST.


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