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Welcome to this research guide for Cross-Cultural Communications. This guide will help you find resources that you can use for your course project and CRA paper.

Though an extremely important activity, cross-cultural communications has only recently received much attention as a direct object of investigation. The study of culture has not, however, been overlooked. Anthropology is directly concerned with the study of culture. Similarly, other social and behavioral sciences have looked at humanity’s cultural differences. Cross-Cultural Communications gratefully draws from these other disciplines and contributes its own valid emphasis in a very practical way. How do cultural differences make a difference in the way people interact? How might one improve communicative skills in a shrinking world? This course attempts to help the student discover answers to these current problems. Perhaps the most important aspect of this course relates to the word mission. This Study Guide and the textbook are dedicated to the special task of helping the person who would become a “sent one” to present Christ and His kingdom in an environment other than his or her own familiar culture. To do this, we address the relationship of communication and culture, how to reach people where they are, how different people think and express ideas across cultures and subcultures within a culture, and how the thought and expression of people affect their behavior.

Global University does not necessarily agree with all the views represented in the resources in this guide. These are provided for the student to contrast and compare with the Biblical text and ideas presented in the Global University IST.

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Hi! My name is Louise Ho. I am the professor for the Cross-Cultural Communications course. Feel free to ask any question you might have about the course. This short document explains the theory and practices behind the Global University Instructional Design that seeks to approximate the interaction of a classroom professor with students.

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Louise Ho has been in cross-cultural ministries since 1972, serving in many Asian countries as well as in Europe. She has an M.A. in Intercultural Studies from the Asia Pacific Theological Seminary in the Philippines. She has served as teaching faculty at the Bible College of Malaysia and at the Azusa Theological Seminary in Amsterdam, Netherlands. She joined the faculty of Global University in June 2017. Louise is passionate about missions and seeks to motivate and equip students to cross geographical, cultural, and language boundaries to effectively fulfill the Great Commission.

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