BIB2062/3 The Corinthian Letters


Welcome to this research guide for BIB2062/3 The Corinthian Letters. This guide will help you find resources that you can use for your course project and CRA paper.

This course covers the study of 1 and 2 Corinthians. It gives the student a view of life in the city of Corinth and the problems that these epistles were written to correct. Since these are in some ways the most self-revealing of Paul’s letters, the course provides a deeper insight into the apostle’s character and ministry. Throughout the course, the student will find emphasis on the practical application of Paul’s teachings for today. The great doctrines of the Bible given in these epistles are applied to Christian life and ministry today.

Global University does not necessarily agree with all the views represented in the resources in this guide. These are provided for the student to contrast and compare with the Biblical text and ideas presented in the Global University IST.


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