BIB2102/3 Prison Epistles


Welcome to this research guide for Prison Epistles. This guide will help you find resources that you can use for your course project and CRA paper.

This course focuses on letters written by Paul the apostle to believers while he was imprisoned by Rome. Students will gain an understanding of the historical and literary backgrounds of each Prison Epistle and be able to distinguish their major theological themes. Paul’s teachings will be examined to equip students to apply them to contemporary life and to identify heresy. Students also will learn traditional Pentecostal views on passages that address such issues as election and the security of the believer.

Global University does not necessarily agree with all the views represented in the resources in this guide. These are provided for the student to contrast and compare with the Biblical text and ideas presented in the Global University IST.

Course Professor

Hi! My name is Edith Kaiser. I am the professor for the Prison Epistles course. I would love to interact with you about the course or a subject that you find interesting, related to the course. Feel free to ask me a question or give an opinion If you find an interesting source, please suggest it and I'll check it out.


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