HIS2202/3 The Church: Pentecost to the Reformation

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reference work is a book or serial publication that contains useful facts and information such as encyclopedias, dictionaries, thesauruses, almanacs, and catalogs. Generally, reference works are consulted for particular pieces of information, rather than read from beginning to end. Most reference works are compiled by a team of contributors whose work is coordinated by one or more editors rather than by an individual author. Updated editions are usually published as needed, in some cases annually (e.g., almanacs, who's who). NOTE: Dictionary definitions and very short encyclopedia entries can be used as a beginning point in your research, however, do not count these sources as one of the "minimum of three" academic resources. Interacting with more in-depth academic material will help raise your score.


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Using LCSH (Library of Congress Subject Headings) to search for resources will, more often than not, yield the most relevant results. Below are some LCSH you can use to search for topics in your Project and/or CRA.  Be sure to choose the SUBJECT search field from the drop-down list (in Adanced Search) or include the search terms in quotation marks in the Basic Search box. Enter the SUBJECT search terms exactly as you see them.
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Suggested search terms:

LCSH Keyword
ORTHODOX Christianity orthodoxy
CHRISTIAN heresies--History--Middle Ages, ca. 600-1500 Roman Catholic church
CHRISTIAN heretics theological movements
GNOSTICISM "early church" growth
IGNATIUS, Saint, Bp of Antioch  
POLYCARP, Saint, Bp of Smyrna  
JUSTIN, Martyr, Saint  
ARISTIDES, 2d cent  
APOLOGISTS (Christians)  
ATHENAGORAS, 2d cent  
TATIAN, ca 120-173  
IRENAEUS, Saint, Bp of Lyons  
TERTULLIAN, ca 160-ca230  
CYPRIAN, Saint, Bp of Carthage  
EUSEBIUS, Bp of Caesarea  
AMBROSE, Saint, Bp of Milan  
JOHN Chrysostom, Saint, d 407  
THEODORE, Bp of Mopsuestia, ca 350-428 or 9  
JEROME, Saint, d 419 or 20  
AUGUSTINE, Saint, Bp of Hippo  
CHURCH history--Primitive & early church, ca. 30-600  
CHURCH history--Middle Ages, 600-1500  
THEOLOGY--History--Early church, ca. 30-600  
THEOLOGY--History--Middle Ages, 600-1500  
PERSECUTION of Christians--History--Early church, ca. 30-600  
PERSECUTION--History--Middle Ages, 600-1500  
CHRISTIAN martyrs  
ROME--History--BC 30-AD 284 (Empire)  
ROMAN roads  
ANCIENT philosophy  
PHILOSOPHY and Christianity--Greek philosophy  
JEWISH messianic movements  
JEWISH ethics  
JEWISH philosophy--Early works to 1800  
JESUS Christ--Historicity  
MONASTICISM & religious orders--History--Middle Ages, 600-1500  
CRUSADES--First, 1096-1099  
CISTERCIAN monasteries  
CISTERCIAN convents  
ALBIGENSIAN Crusade, 1209-1229  
ORTHODOX (Orthodox Eastern Church)  
HOLY Spirit--Procession          [used for filioque]  
NICENE Creed  
ABELARD, Peter, 1079-1142  
THOMAS, Aquinas, Saint, 1225c-1274  
WILLIAM of Ockham, ca 1285-ca1349  
BACON, Roger, 1214c-1294  
FATHERS of the church  
LITURGIES, Early Christian  
CHRISTIANITY & other religions--Islam  

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